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Writing a Snappy application

So, having ingested all the information about Ubuntu Snappy Core, we can start developing our first application. The platform Ubuntu Snappy Core can currently be run on several platforms: Beaglebone black Raspberry Pi2 x86 kvm Fortunately, I have a Raspberry Pi 2 in a nice orange enclosure that I can use for my purposes. Prerequisites Before starting our favorite editor, we need to install some tools to develop a snappy application.

Ubuntu Snappy Core list of resources

Ubuntu Snappy Core is a new take on OS and software updates and security from Canonical. Among its core features are transactional updates and a new aproach to application security and isolation. This is really cool and useful for many things: servers, phones and IoT devices. There’s still a long way to go, but eventually this will mean secure and reliable IoT devices, routers and even fridges. Starting to dive into this, I collected a few links to snappy-related resources, so here it is.