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Noodler's Bulletproof Black ink review

Noodler’s Bulletproof Black seemed like the logical choice of inks to review after the X-Feather. This ink is special due to its archival quality (bullet proofness), which means its resistant to water and fading over time. This may not be something you may look for in an every-day ink, but it sure is a nice bonus. Color This is a decent black ink. The color may be a tad lighter than the soul-eating black we all crave in inks, but it does the job.

Noodler's X Feather ink review

One of my goals this year is to review the 35 black ink samples I got. Noodler’s X Feather is the ink I started 2017 with and I have to say - it’s great. The ink’s main purpose is low feathering on most grades of paper and it does a great job at it. This comes at a cost, though: drying time may be longer than comfortable for very quick note taking.