Ubuntu Snappy Core list of resources

Ubuntu Snappy Core Ubuntu Snappy Core is a new take on OS and software updates and security from Canonical. Among its core features are transactional updates and a new aproach to application security and isolation. This is really cool and useful for many things: servers, phones and IoT devices.

There’s still a long way to go, but eventually this will mean secure and reliable IoT devices, routers and even fridges.

Starting to dive into this, I collected a few links to snappy-related resources, so here it is.

General overview

Ubuntu Snappy Core developer portal

Contains a lot of information about Snappy Core, including links to setup guides for various devices, tutorials on application creation and deployment.

Snappy security model specification

A very easy to read document on the security model of Snappy Core. Explains a lot of the core concepts and approaches - a must read if you want to develop snappy apps.

Snappy application development

Package format description

Describes the contents of the .snap package format used to distribute Ubuntu Snappy Core apps.

Package metadata

Describes the required metadata and formats for a snappy package.

Snappy application development walkthrough

A quick and to-the-point guide on developing a simple snappy application, packaging it and installing it on a device.

Developing a snappy app that controls the piglow device

At some point you need to add things to IoT. This guide explains the steps required to let a snappy application control an attached piglow device.